Audit of the awfulness The Refrigerator is Red

I originally saw The Refrigerator is Red two or three months prior on one of the streams, which showed a demo of this game. Furthermore, she established a generally excellent connection – such one more independent ghastliness, adapted as the time of the primary PlayStation. What’s more, “next” for this situation is a commendation. I saw that an entire sub-sort of frightfulness has previously arisen, extraordinarily matured to the degree of PS1 and PS2 designs. Furthermore, The Cooler is Red appeared to be an exceptionally encouraging delegate of this kind.

It wasn’t well before the full rendition of the game was delivered, and it had a client rating of 61 on Steam at the hour of composing this survey, which shocked me a ton, on the grounds that the demo was perfect – what could turn out badly? Subsequent to passing, I can say with certainty that the rating is excessively high. You know, at first I needed to call this survey – I and 61 focuses, and just training and a feeling of taste didn’t permit me to do this, or at least, those characteristics that the makers of the game evidently need. You ask – for what valid reason am I beginning to poop this game from the limit? Also, here’s the reason:

We have “serious” ghastliness here, young men

What is this?! In the event that you didn’t have the foggiest idea, it’s Billy Herrington. Try not to misunderstand me, I’m the first hachimuchi minister in Russia, however seeing a Hidden little treat with Billy Herrington in a game that positions itself as a “serious” repulsiveness is really unseemly. The remainder of the game is made on totally serious cabbage soup. There is a ton of oddity in it, however this isn’t a satire repulsiveness, which among misleadingly matured ghastliness is basically piles. No, this is an intense game, with an intense plot. The subject of the game is fairly miserable – the demise of friends and family, in any case, we should not lose track of what’s most important.

Besides, there are a few such banners for the entire game, indeed, in light of the fact that a joke rehashed two times is doubly entertaining. Furthermore, you know, assuming that this was the main protest about the game – I wouldn’t actually agree that a word, however this is the last thing that could possibly be tolerated, coincidentally, in the job of a camel – I’m. The game has a ton of issues, and afterward there’s Billy as an interruption.

It is disgustingly produced using a specialized perspective: a few times I fell through the floor and took off to endlessness, I had basic bugs that broke the section and needed to stack from a save. I haven’t seen a non-mainstream frightfulness game that has in excess of 10 audits on Steam and that doesn’t work that well.

Flying through the floor

Moreover, assuming the game had a connection point architect, he ought to leap through the window. In the primary menu, the text style is totally ordinary and decipherable, however assuming you go into the settings, the goal drops pointedly to … it doesn’t look like 320 by 240. I couldn’t help suspecting that making every one of the menus in a solitary style with a reasonable and comprehensible textual style is a totally clear thing, evidently not for the designers of this game. Is it made for climate? Why is there an alternate style in the fundamental menu? As though these two screens were made by two totally various individuals who didn’t cross with one another by any means. Indeed, and remember that assuming you open a similar menu in the game, it will be totally common, with a coherent textual style, in ordinary goal.

Same menu however in game

As a general rule, this menu is a harbinger of the issues that I had with the clear line of sight of the game. Pixelated frightfulness can be polished and, surprisingly, lovely. For instance, I love Blood for its ongoing interaction, yet additionally for its visuals. Those old games from the 90s that The Refrigerator is Red such a lot of needs to be were dealt with by really capable craftsmen, for whom specialized hardships were a test to their capacities, from which they emerged with brightness. Numerous advanced specialists conceal their screwy hands behind pixels, and the warped the hands, the bigger the pixels. A similar Blood today is more appealing than numerous pixelated shooters made with an inclination classical look. Since style.






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